Theron Dumont – The Power of Concentration


In his 1918 publication, "The Power of Concentration," Theron Dumont outlines the key elements surrounding concentration as a tool to achieve success and create the lifestyle of one's dreams. Dumont begins by explaining what concentration is and what it is not, and moves into explaining in detail elements inherent to concentration and how to harness its power to achieve anything imaginable. But, is Theron Dumont The Power of Concentration worth the time it takes to read its 58 pages of content?

Let's begin this review by asking a very simple set of questions. How long does it take you to complete simple tasks like answering emails, or fixing dinner? Do you really remain focused on the task at hand or does your mind wonder aimlessly as your body attempts to complete routine tasks? Are you the kind of person that begins one activity and in the middle of it remembers something else you had begun but did not finish, and go around in circles pursuing to finish one half-done thing after another?

If you answered yes to any, or all, of the questions above, then reading this book will definitely not harm you. It is a very short, straight to the point text which can be easily read in a few hours. So, it is not going to demand a big commitment on your part to read through it. I found the book enlightening in some of its promises. It does serve very well to help put in perspective how one might view and approach everyday tasks and challenges. It also gives some very useful tips on how to avoid unnecessary aggravations and speed up the completion of important tasks.

Dumont could have provided a bit more direction on just HOW to accomplish the things he suggests in the book! It is a bit disturbing as you read on to find that he offers a great insight into some aspect of concentration, like avoiding fear, but fails to tell the reader just how to accomplish that goal. It seems to me that if the reader knew how to do the things he suggests, there would be no need for the book in the first place.

Theron Dumont's "The Power of Concentration" offers some great insights into one of the key elements of achieving real success: harnessing the power of concentrated mental power. He fails, in my opinion, to offer effective guidance as to exactly how that can be achieved. The book is worth reading, however, just as a basis of inspiration to get you moving in the right direction. If you research the ideas he presents a bit further, and take it upon yourself to elaborate a bit on its content, the book can be a very effective starting point for those struggling to achieve their goals.


Source by Marcy Amaro

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