@pattistarz @hellznoyo @Eyesrrolling @RHOBellevue @Litlmarie44 @SheliaBThornton …

@pattistarz @hellznoyo @Eyesrrolling @RHOBellevue @Litlmarie44 @SheliaBThornton @KrsBMe @AWenchLikeMe @NFW22b @JenAriesQueen @LisaHinton08 @WEtv @AmberLPorkwood yes, that’s the Duggars. there’s other stuff too -he was cheating on wife w/porn star escort while he was working in DC promoting a family values organization that’s trying to insert all kinds of BS into laws..at same time his wife is pregnant w/3 or 4 kid, she appeared depressed

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