Factors Affecting Migration and Solutions to Rural-Urban Migration, Especially to Developing Nations


Migration is the movement of men and women from one geographical spot to another, involving long-lasting or temporary residence or settlement. There ought to be a purpose or causes of migration-either some thing is chasing the men and women absent from their existing location or there is an attraction to exactly where they are likely to. What are these influencing factors?

1. Normal disasters: The event of Normal disasters like floods, famines, drought, earthquakes and many others, could make persons to migrate out of spot to a different.
2. Physical conditions: The physical ailments of a location these kinds of as local weather, soils, reduction may perhaps also be dependable for the migration of people, particularly when this kind of conditions are unfavorable.
3. Insecurity: Dread of insecurity arising from war, political instability and so on, could make men and women migrate.
4. Variations in financial chances: As a outcome of these, persons have a tendency to migrate to the place there are extra financial alternatives like careers and company transactions.
5. Change in status: Alterations in standing, eg, substantial degree of instruction and prosperity, could make individuals to migrate, eg, from rural to urban centers.
6. Distinctions in social amenities: Owing to variance in the availability of drinking water, streets, electricity and so forth. individuals are inclined to go to exactly where these features are existing.

Migration has wonderful advantages as it cuts down population tension on agricultural land at the resource location decreases populace stress on social features at the source area materials migrant labor at the receiving area guarantees the movement of capital to the receiving location qualified prospects to the improvement of social features at the obtaining location boosts markets at the receiving region and encourages cultural integration eg, inter-relationship at the acquiring area. On the other hand, it could be disadvantageous as it breeds social vices like criminal offense and drug dealing in the acquiring region will increase significant expense of dwelling at the receiving region qualified prospects to tension on social features at the receiving location sales opportunities to the loss of able-bodied men and youth at the supply area qualified prospects to congestion in housing and transportation at the obtaining region potential customers to decrease in output at the supply area and it prospects to cultural disintegration at the vacation spot region.

Remedies to rural-City migrations

1 of the big varieties of migration that tends to develop troubles in all establishing nations around the world is that of rural-Urban migration. Since we understand that this sort of migration is a key dilemma, alternatives have to be offered in order to avoid the incidence of around populace at the acquiring regions. The options to the troubles of rural-Urban migration consist of:

1. Provision of social facilities: The provision of social features these as drinking water, electrical power, cinemas, roadways and telephones in rural spots will go a long way in cutting down the fee at which youth shift to City places.
2. Transportation of conventional agriculture to modern agriculture: This will permit the youth to interact in agriculture as the system will make farming interesting.
3. Institution of Industries: The establishment of industries, initiatives and organizations that will absorb the rural doing work inhabitants and reverse labor movement will go a extended way in decreasing rural-city drift.
4. Establishment of educational establishments: The establishment of colleges and other institutions of greater understanding in rural parts will also assistance to lessen motion to city facilities.
5. Establishment of company branches: Authorities departments, company corporations and economical establishments need to be encouraged to build their branches in rural spots.
6. provision of recreation services: If leisure amenities like stadia, swimming pools, cinema houses, amusement parks, etc are built obtainable in rural areas, this will cut down the propensity of the youths going to City places.


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