Balancing the Chakras With Acupuncture


As a lot of of us know, acupuncture is greatly utilised now as a viable therapy selection for lots of disorders. In reality, its medical use has proven successful for countless numbers of yrs. As we carry on into the 21st Century, it stays obvious that we could benefit drastically from avenues of healing which may increase our conscious awareness, as properly as dealing with our “physical” wellness. 1 of the solutions of performing this is by balancing the chakras with acupuncture.

The chakras (Sanskrit for “wheel”) are a series of energy fields that align in an ascending column from the base of the backbone to the best of the head. They relate to various areas of our physical entire body as nicely as our psychological, psychological, and non secular growth. By doing work with the chakras, we can tackle many well being concerns like despair, agony, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia.

Dr. Mikio Sankey, an acupuncturist, naturopath, and iridologist, has developed a process for balancing the chakras as section of a strategy which he calls “Esoteric Acupuncture.” Soon after reading his publications, I had the honor of finding out with Dr. Sankey before this year. The exercise of balancing the chakras by means of acupuncture requires the practitioner&#39s scan of the overall body to evaluate which chakras are out of alignment. The treatment method molecules specific protocols made by Dr. Sankey, where by conventional acupuncture factors are wanted in a certain sequence. As in typical acupuncture, the needles act as a conduit of electrical power. This will allow the receiver to hook up with the finer frequencies which are obtainable to us all.

For some, these concepts may appear incomprehensible. Several of us are not employed to employing this language or these ideas when talking about our overall health. For those who have contemplated these tips and who are interested in building oneself more, this is a style of observe that could accommodate you. In point, the treatments are a great deal extra efficient when completed with individuals who have a standard meditation observe. Commence with the understanding that we, as people, are a microcosm of a macrocosm. If a single understands this interconnectedness, then these treatment options might be regarded as really priceless.

Just one of the number of locations one can working experience chakra balancing with acupuncture in the Washington DC area is at Tulsi Holistic Living ( ). One can assume a session to previous about an hour. A series of periods is proposed for the most fascinating outcome, but is not constantly essential. All those who have experienced these treatment plans that far have described great effects.

Michelle Schreiber, MSOM, L.Ac, retains Diplomate standing by the NCCAOM as a nationally accredited practitioner of Oriental medication, and is licensed in Washington DC and Maryland.
In her observe, Michelle incorporates acupuncture, herbs, the therapeutic bodywork, diet, and reiki. Michelle is also a Reiki Learn. You can uncover her site at


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