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After more than sixty years of blatant nakedness,” Playboy’s March 2016 issue is work place friendly. Or it’s marginally improper for work. It truly depends on where you’re working. Either way the photographs in the storied men’s magazine really are far wider. So much tamer, in actuality, this month’s issue will not even come shrink-wrapped. Instead, it comes with a matte cover and also at a slightly broader dimensions, like an art journal. See, play boy now succeeds to provide a no-shame viewing experience. It is one among the main reasons why the magazine merely failed a big re design that, between other things, ends the publication’s decades-old heritage of running photographs of nude ladies in its own pages.


“When the announcement came out,”—in October—”I definitely got texts and emails that were like, ‘what the fuck, what are you guys doing?’” says Mac Lewis, Playboy’s creative director. That is clear. Because its debut in 1953 (the exact same year Marilyn Monroe introduced for your magazine first centerfold), *Playboy *has been probably one of the absolute most famed sources of naked photography on the planet. Or, at least, it was. Afterward your Web arrived and manufactured nudity–and a good deal longer –immediately reachable. Today, nakedness has since stopped to be rare. John Mayer may have said it best, in play boy’s pages: Thanks to online porn, he mused, back in 2012, “there have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed.” Possibly it had been inescapable that merely a few years after, Playboy leader executive Scott Flanders would first tell The New York situations which nudity is”only passé in this juncture.”