We have spent the past two lessons learning the definition and elements of "trespass to person" torts. Now it's time to see this tort in action. You have been asked to provide your rixon v star city casino with a clear and accurate case report about a trespass to person case. Now you have chosen the type of case you'd most like rixon v star city casino riixon, use the table below to help you select a case.

Spend a maximum of 2 minutes doing this. Renee Eaves, swimsuit model, sues Constable Donnelly for arresting her and holding her in a cell for 2. When you have chosen the case you want to do, either follow the link by opening the corresponding URL in a new window or find the case in the text book and proceed to step 2. Step 2 U sing the cihy resource, find out the following about your chosen case. If you resource does not have all the information, go to www.

This step should take about 20 minutes - Ask Mrs P if you get stuck! Log in by selecting your name and entering your password See Mrs Patch if you forget it. Create a new blog post. Rixon v star city casino 4: Should take 15 minutes Paste your answers to Step 2 into yur blog summary. Add an introduction. Preview your blog post and make any necessary changes look g spelling and grammar and ensure you addressed all the points listed at Step 2.

Step 5: Should take 5 minutes End your summary with a reflection. Decide how well you think the law protected the Plaintiff's rights in this case. Was the amount of damages if any paid sufficient? Step 6: Publish your blog to our class forum and Notify Mrs Patch. Remember to use your best blog-ettiquette! In this case, do you agree or disagree with your classmate's conclusion about how effectivley the tort of trespass addressed the plaintiff's needs?

If citty classmate chose a different case to you State the rixon v star city casino of the case you researched then caxino the similarities and differences deposit casino bonus free spin no see between the case you researched and this case? If your classmate chose the more info case as you Was your opinion the same or different to the opinion in this case?

List the similarities and differences. If you have time left over, please read the other blog entries posted today on our 'Year 11 Blog'. Tragic Torts - Trespass to person. Introduction Welcome Year free sports bet no deposit Today, you are journalist for a reputable media organisation.

Put on your reporter hat and let's get going Your Mission: 1. Decide which type of 'trespass to person' case you would like to cover today: A. Assault and Battery B. False Imprisonment. What Remedies did the Plaintiff obtain? You have completed today's task. Well done!!!

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